Syndicate Leadership

Better Leadership. Better Teams. Better Lives.

Why Syndicate Leadership

At the forefront of lasting change is great leadership.  Given today’s socio-economic climate, we understand the importance of this statement and have built a learning system around it to help empower and develop great leaders.   To accomplish this, we have taken our experience  and developed several programs to not only train great leaders, but to transform lives and organizations.  Our process is simple, yet powerful, and we achieve results because of it.

About Us

Our team is made up of a conglomerate of leading professionals within their prospective industries.  From HR, Finance, Pastoral, IT, Teaching, Digital Strategy, and Management, our joint experience brings a unique perspective to every situation we encounter.

Our goal is to assist in the process of developing great leaders by unearthing the sometimes hidden potential that is often buried due to circumstance and socialization.  Taking many factors into consideration, we create a learning experience that is safe, equitable, engaging, and rewarding.

Our Vision

We believe that behind every person and organization is a vision, a story, and a dream.  In developing our ability to truly take ownership over our lives and responsibilities, we can enhance our skills to become true leaders and essentially, accomplish those dreams – together.  

Whether you want to develop your organization’s leadership team, or would like to strengthen the leadership skills amongst your entire team, we can help.

Where there is no vision, the people perish. —Proverbs 29:18

What We Do

We help you with your leadership goals, by providing training and workshops that are focused on transformational change and personal development.  We understand that while each organization’s goals may be different, at the core of all leadership training endeavours, is the desire to bring out the very best in individuals and teams.  We take a simple 3-step approach to achieve your desired outcome:

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


2021 Syndicate Leadership Summit

We are living in unprecedented times and that calls for unprecedented leadership.

Join an elite group of thought leaders and learn the leadership skills that take you beyond management.

Our Leadership Instructors

Exceptional people. Extradordinary Leaders.

Dr. Kwame Gilbert

Executive Director / Corporate Trainer


Maxine Campbell

Area Director HR Management 

Paul Wright

Senior Financial Planner

Ken Gray

Entrepreneur / Digital Strategist

Glynis Jenkins Burton

Singer / Ministry Leader

Sharon Melville

Mentor / Coach

Terry Wilson


Michael Hani

Management Advisor / IT Infrastructure